Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Let me be brave in the attempt...

M loves sports.

No... M LOVES sports!

Not watching them so much... he likes to participate. He loves joining a team and getting out there to catch, shoot, dribble, pitch, pass, bowl and hit the ball and run bases, the track, the court, and the field.

So, of course, Special Olympics is important to us. M couldn't participate in sports without Special Olympics... He plays basketball and swims in the winter, soccer or track and field in the spring, softball and sometimes bocce ball in the summer, and bowls in the fall.

He missed a couple of years of basketball when he had his hip surgeries, but he's back now and the regional tournament was Saturday. As always, the tournament was well run, but also had an element of chaos about it. There were six games going on at once, one after another, all day... and one after another award ceremonies going on all day in the lobby. (The Olympic theme song, played each time a team was awarded their ribbons, was played approximately every 10 minutes the whole time we were there...)

Both M and S played in the tournament. R doesn't play basketball... It's the only sport I let her sit out. M really likes playing basketball with a specific Special Olympic team (not our regular team) and R doesn't know the kids well, and it makes her anxious to have people running towards her on the court and trying to block her shots, etc... so I don't fuss at her about not playing.

I didn't take pictures of M and S playing... I've already got countless mediocre photos of the kids playing sports... I just can't get close enough, and things happen so fast that I end up with blurry photos, or photos where it's impossible to tell who is who because they are so far away.

But I did take a few pictures after the tournament...

S after playing both her games and the award ceremony...


M after playing both his games...

He does go all out when he plays, ;) and his tachycardia makes his face turn all kinds of interesting shades of red... sometimes even leaning towards purple!

M's team... he is on the left with his fist in the air.


The "Three Musketeers", ready to head for home...

M has three more games before the season is over... R and I will sit in the stands and cheer him on. (S plays on her school team so, except for the tournament, we aren't able to go to her games.)

*The title for this post is taken from the Special Olympics motto, "Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt." M doesn't know this motto, but it could have been written for him...


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