Wednesday, February 5, 2014

snapshots of home (B at work)

A few more snapshots of home for my daughter, serving in the Peace Corps, to enjoy.

Here is B (dd#2) who tends to bring her work with her when she visits...

Poor B, she's trying to have a serious conversation... lining up employees to work on a new project in New Mexico... and I'm taking pictures.

It's a testament to her attentional skills that she didn't lose her train of thought completely.

Can you tell she's always cold at our house? ;) I really should turn up the heat for her...

Off the phone but not really getting into this whole picture taking thing.

Ah... much better.

(This is the point at which she gave up and realized I wouldn't stop taking pictures until she smiled...)

These pictures remind me of this series of pictures we took just over a year ago... We were at E's house, right before Christmas, taking pictures of the whole family together. B took advantage of a break in the picture taking to get some work related phone calls in...

Her sisters didn't let her get away with it... :)



These photos never fail to make me smile.  Poor B... it's hard to be a serious Type A around us. And yes, she maintained her conversation (work related, of course) during the entire series of photos!

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