Wednesday, February 26, 2014

snapshots of home

Daughter K called from Ghana the other day and I told her about a little chair I had upcycled into a "desk" for for our youngest granddaughter. She asked me to post a picture of it, so...

... here you go K, a tiny little desk. :)

I started with a little unfinished child's chair I found at the thrift store. I removed the little wooden seat, then cut the back legs off level with the front legs. (The back legs had continued up to form the part of the back of the chair.) Then I put it back together again, using some of the unneeded back pieces to add bracing underneath. I used an old 1x6 as the top, cutting it in half, and attaching the halves together lengthwise. I rounded the corners and gave it a good sanding and attached it to the base I'd made. I finished it off with a little paint, stain, and polyurethane .

It's so fun to make something from nothing.... especially when it's for one of the grandkids...

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