Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thrifting Thursday (ladderback chairs)

Oh yeah, it was definitely "my day" at the Goodwill...

We'd only gone to town because we were tired of the cold, snow and looking at each other... and only stopped at Goodwill because I couldn't think of anything else to do that was cheap and didn't involve food. (Because M's gastroparesis has been FLARING up lately!)

But it was obviously meant to be...

I've kind of got this thing for old ladder back chairs. It probably dates back to the chairs we had when I was a kid... The same old ladder backs that, a few years ago, I learned to weave rush seats on. (The same ones that are now waiting to be stripped because of a dark-wax-over-paint disappointment... but that's another story.)
Then E bought these awesome old ladder backs a couple of years ago when they moved into their new house... but, due to a design flaw and broken rush, she handed them down to me.


I replaced the rush seats on all but one of them last Fall. (I still need to do that last seat so they all match!)

They work much better at my house... her littles tended to fall over backwards in them because of the way their back legs lean. The big people at my house have a different center of gravity so to speak... and we have yet to fall over backwards in them. :)

I felt bad taking E's ladder back chairs. I  knew she loved them, and they looked great in her house... but they just weren't stable enough for little kids.

So when I saw these...

... at the Goodwill, I was so excited and quickly grabbed all the price tags so no one else could buy my treasure. They were marked 9.99 each, a fair price...

... but it was half price day. So I got all four for $20!

The wood is in excellent shape... and most of the rush is good enough (it's usable), although the rush on one of the chairs is breaking. The rush is super dark and kind of glued together with countless coats of varnish that were applied over the past who-knows-how-many years. So it probably all be redone...

They'll look great with new seats though. I told E, if she likes them, that I will replace the rush and she can have them.


If she decides to keep what she has (also nice chairs with woven seats), then I'll just keep these and get rid of some of the many Windsor chairs I have left over from an dining room set we used to have.

So... it looks like I need to order some more rush and get to work redoing those seats. I can't wait to see what the chairs look like once they're fixed up a little. :)

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