Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thrifting Thursday (vintage paint-by-number pictures)

M and I got to the thrift store a little early last week to work, so I took a few minutes to look around before we started sorting and setting things out. There were a couple of framed prints set out that I hadn't seen the week before...  They were those retro sad-eyed-kitten prints that were popular back in the 70's.  Like this one:

There was no glass in the frames and the prints were just thin paper and were dirty and a little warped from moisture. I always thought those sad eyed animal prints were ugly, but I took a closer look at these when I saw that, where one of the prints had warped away from the frame enough to see behind it, there was another picture of some kind back there.

I gently pulled the print out enough to see behind it and found a very nice, old, paint by number of a German Shepherd. Of course I had to peak behind the print in the other frame, and found a paint by number collie.... also in good shape. (Thank you ugly sad eyed kitten prints, you protected the sweet paint by number paintings you were hiding!)


Hmm.... I think I found Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin!


Of course I bought them... I paid $1. for both of them and I can't wait to get glass in the frames and get them hung up.

Unfortunately, the frames are an odd size, so I will probably have to have glass cut to size.

The frames are in great shape though, good wood with a bit of age showing...

And I do love the paintings.... the collie looks a little like our sheltie Quin.

See a resemblance?


I wonder about the person who painted these... It must have taken forever, and they are very nicely, carefully done. When they are all put back together again, they'll go upstairs... probably in the kid's bathroom (carefully sealed from moisture!), which I'm in the process of painting and fixing up.


Once they are finished and hung up I'll post some pics and show you how they look....

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