Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Caulk 'til you drop...

The classroom re-do is coming along.


Excruciatingly slowly...

A big part of what's taking so long is all the caulking the room has needed.

The walls are tongue and groove (a couple of different kinds). Because it was an add-on room, they didn't use the same logs they used when they built the rest of the house, and it wasn't insulated much (if at all!). So it's always been a drafty room...

Over time, as the house has settled, countless tiny gaps opened up... between the tongue and groove, around the windows and doors, between the floor and the walls, and around the giant steps (that hide part of the front porch roof that was enclosed when the room was created.

The cracks and gaps weren't obvious until I started painting... Then they were impossible to miss against the white paint.

And each little gap and crack was letting cold air into the room...

So each little gap and crack needed to be caulked.

Three tubes of caulk later (two tubes of white, one tube of brown) the room is pretty well sealed.

Most of the painting is also done. (One window needs one more coat, but that's all that's left..) It ended up taking five coats to cover that old tongue and groove... three coats of primer, and two coats of regular paint.

Had I known what a miserable job this would turn out to be I might not have tackled it...  But I do like how much brighter and fresher the room looks now.


Next up is replacing the old tile board on top of the giant steps and (hopefully) doing something about the light.


It's still the original porch light, from the mid 70's, when this room had been an outdoor balcony.


Hopefully the room will be done and put back together later this week, and I can finally post some "after" pictures!

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