Friday, March 14, 2014


Outside my window... the sun is just coming up, the birds are singing, and the air smells like spring!

I am thinking... about how we managed to run out of milk without me noticing (I'm tired this morning, no deep thoughts here. ;)

I am thankful... for the lovely spring day that stretches out before us.
In the kitchen... at M's request I made daughter E's Spanish Rice recipe with dinner last night. Mmmm...

I am creating... a little music, a little order, and a little beauty as I am able

I am going... to town later to buy milk. ;) We're also working at the thrift store today... we missed our shift yesterday due to a homeschool group field trip, so will make it up today.

I am wondering... what to use to cover the old footstool I'm restoring. It was my grandparent's and has been in pieces for years. I've fixed the wooden base and it's strong and sturdy now but I can't decide on a fabric to use to recover the top.

I am reading... The Lewis and Clark Journals. I've read parts of them before, and recently decided it was a good time to pick them up and journey a little farther with Meriwether and William.

I am hoping... we get to have S for the weekend. I still need to call her foster mom and set it up. I should have called earlier, but the days just got away from me. (And I really dread calling, the foster mom can be tough to deal with, so it's a job I tend to put off!)

Around the house... I've been working on a project that I'll share next week. It's turning out great, the only downside is I now have a Rolling Stones song stuck in my head....

One of my favorite things... a game of Yahtzee with M and R. We played a quick game after dinner last night and it was so much fun. I do so enjoy spending time with them.

Some photos to share...

This photo is one of my favorite older photos, it was taken in March of 2007... the horse is Chance, a Tennessee Walker that used to live next door. He was an awesome and amazing horse, and we loved him. He had a tough life though and I would have bought him and given him a better life if I could have. Unfortunately, his owner was asking a couple thousand more than we could afford. The house next door was foreclosed on 5 years ago and Chance was gone, but I still think about him and hope he is happy and well fed where ever he is right now.
R and Chance in March of 2006...

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