Monday, March 17, 2014

If Cody could talk...

I came in from working outside this morning and kicked off my crocs at the back door. I hadn't even left the room before Cody had grabbed one of them and started running wildly around the house with it in his mouth, shaking it furiously and growling at it. I've learned that chasing him to get it back only accomplishes his goal... and I can't catch him anyway... so, since he never damages anything he steals I just let him take it.

I went into the bedroom and as I came back out the door I almost stumbled over this...

... in the doorway.

My imagination ran away with me and I wondered... had Cody finally come around?

If he could talk would he be saying something like this? "Oh human master, I'm so sorry I stole your shoe... I lay myself at your feet asking for mercy... and giving your shoe back as an offering to you for your kindness in rescuing me from the shelter and putting up with all my naughtiness for the past year. I prostrate myself before you most generous of  masters... please forgive me."

Or maybe my dog of very little brain just got tired of waiting for me to come out so he could grab my shoe and run away again and fell asleep...

...completely forgetting he'd been playing keep away with my shoe.

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