Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Paint it black." ~ Mick

Paint It Black, The Rolling Stones, 1966. 

 I hadn't heard or thought about that song in years, until R recently started learning it on her ukulele...  and playing it over and over and over and over (and over and over) again... 

 Without delving into whatever dark thoughts Mick might have had more than 40 years ago when he wrote it, I've decided it should probably be my theme song. 

 Not because I'm a depressed person wanting the entire world to reflect my emotional bleakness... ...but because I like to paint things black. :) 

 As I look around the house I see that this "paint it black" hobby goes back a ways and ranges from painting large things black... ... like this wall I painted with chalkboard paint back in 2009 (and still love!)...


` `

 ... to this little desktop organizer that I found just a year ago or so.


 This table came from the Salvation Army, and started off seen-better-days, beat-up maple..

. ` .

..I like it much better black. And this little tilt tray table (a Goodwill find) had been painted a dirty white with little painted flowers scattered here and there..


 ... again, much better black. And I can't forget my favorite $7.99 rocker... It started off with a bleached out birch, very light finish (with multiple red-juice stains)...


It also got the paint-it-black treatment.

 I don't paint all our furniture black of course... painting furniture is usually my last, not first choice. Antiques, family pieces, and high quality furniture don't get painted. And sometimes I even remove black paint... like back in 2007 when I refinished my little roll top desk... (oh my, that was a job!)


 But many of my inexpensive thrift store finds, if the wood isn't good, have ended up painted. 

 Recently I'd been looking at the big bookcase in the living room... It was the last bit of furniture with that dated reddish/mahogany stain left in the house. We used to have a lot of mission style furniture in the living room, most of it with that color of stain. But over the years it's been replaced with other things and this bookcase just seemed kind of stuck in the past. The bookcase isn't great quality... I bought it right after we moved here because I needed someplace quickly to put the books that had been on the built in bookshelves at our old house. No built in shelves here equaled boxes of books sitting everywhere. So a quick trip to Sam's got me this:


 It does the job but it's not "good" furniture (not solid wood for sure...) and I was tired of the red stain. So out came the black paint... I just knew it would look better black. 

 It was only a two day job to empty it, drag it outside to give it a light sanding, and then paint it. (And putting the books back was a good time to clean out a few to donate!) After the sunroom re-do I LOVE jobs that only take two days (and nothing weird happens like nasty colors bleeding through the paint, or finding that things...that shouldn't be... are stuck together with liquid nails!!) 

 I primed it, then gave it a couple of coats of paint and a light distressing on the edges.


 I really like how the black paint seems to age it and make it look more current at the same time, and the distressed edges highlight the details of the bookcase... `

 It's kind of like getting a new piece of furniture without spending anything but a little time. Better, yes? ` 


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