Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the sunroom... finally complete!

The sunroom (classroom) is finally done!

It took a full two weeks of hard work, during which nothing seemed to go the way I thought it would... but it's done.

Come on in....


What do you think? :)


Here's a before picture, just in case you forgot where it started. Yes, it was very brown, but no it didn't lean... I have a terrible time keeping the camera level! ;)

I finished last Friday after a marathon day of measuring, cutting, painting, staining and putting up corner and quarter round moldings...

Thankfully, the moldings went up easily... and none of the tiny quarter round moldings split, even though a few of the nails had to go in really close to the edge...

I caulked around all the new moldings then touched up all the paint and had everything cleaned up and tools put away by the time Joe got home around 6:00. Thankfully he likes how the room turned out... I had been a little worried, since I was painting over the natural wood on the walls, but he agreed that the white paint really brightened the room up.

I moved the big rolltop desk to a side wall (under M's window) to paint and then decided I liked it better there, so I left it. I put some of the same photos back on top, and also added a few other special things as well.


I brought this little stool in from the back porch to hold a few plants or a cup of tea. I love it's chippy old paint...  leftovers from a year or two outside!

I was a little stressed about water from the plants possibly damaging some of the newly refinished wood on the giant steps, so I pulled out some old enamelware for the plants to sit in... I'm being super careful when watering (no drips!) so hopefully, between all the polyurethane and the enamelware, the wood is well protected.


A new metal thermometer for the wall... I took these pictures on a warm day!


I do love how the room turned out... It was worth every minute I spent working in there. It feels so fresh and clean, and much more open...

I love living in a log home, I love the beauty of the wood... the knotholes and various tones in the logs...and it's solid feeling. But there can also be a heaviness to the huge beams and all the wood. Even though this room has two log walls, it feels much lighter to me now.



It feels very good to check this one off the to-do list!

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