Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thrifting Thursday (jar lamp)

Like my new lamp?


 Ok, it's not really a lamp... yet. It's a jar that's been hanging around the thrift store we volunteer at for weeks, maybe months. It's a little dusty and dirty but it will easily clean up, and it's wonderful, thick glass and I do love it's shape. The top is wood and seals with a rubber gasket...(There is a logo printed on the wood which will probably  be hidden under the light socket... or I could sand it off or paint over it.)


 I need to replace a lamp in the family room and I've been admiring jar lamps for awhile. I thought it would be fun to have a lamp I could fill with various things (pine cones? Christmas lights? sea shells?), but I wasn't willing to pay what seems like a lot of money for the ones I've seen in stores. I saw this one in Hobby Lobby the other day, but it's "on sale" for $49.99... that seemed a little steep to me. And I don't care for the shape, or the shade... and I really don't like the way the cord runs outside the jar down from the light bulb.  The cord running outside the jar looks unfinished to me somehow...   Clear Fillable Glass Jar Lamp with Burlap Shade   I like the shape of my thrift store jar better anyway, and think turning it into a lamp will be a fun little project. The first step will be drilling a hole in the glass for the cord to go through... I'll probably take it to the glass place in town, they've drilled holes in jars for me before... Hopefully (if the jar doesn't break when they drill it!) and I'll be back in a few days with an "after" picture of a finished lamp. :)

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