Tuesday, April 22, 2014

a practically perfect day...

Yesterday was one of those days I wish I could preserve somehow and replay again from time to time...

It was not an exciting day... we just stayed home... but it was nice and restful (at least mentally!).

The morning started with the guy who hauls away our manure coming out and hauling the manure and....drumroll please... pulling the last of the metal chain link fence posts out and drilling the holes for the new fence around the pumpkin patch!

The very very good news is he didn't hit any part of our septic system with the drilling... whew! The other good news is that we are ready to start setting the new fence posts.

By the time he left it was lunch time (we eat early) and so we ate and then I headed back outside and cleaned up the mess from the hole drilling (broken concrete, the old metal fence posts, etc) and started moving the landscaping timbers from what had been the west side of the pumpkin patch to a spot a few feet east of it. It will be the "curb" protecting the new fence from people bumping into it as they pull in to park. Once the fence is up on that side I'll landscape the strip between the timbers and the fence with the same cobblestone I used next to the driveway...

It took an hour and half but I got the timbers moved and another tiny piece of this project was done!

See the timbers kind of half buried along the right side of the pumpkin patch?

Now they are on the other side, and actually serving some purpose!

We did school next, and R was on top of things. She tends to be either "hot" or "cold" when it comes to academics... sometimes she learns and remembers well, other times... not so much. Yesterday she was amazing and felt so good about herself when she pretty quickly mastered a new concept in math.

Michael also got school done, but he's been having a lot of trouble lately keeping his thoughts organized... he was settled and happy though, which is huge.

We got done in time for me to make a nice dinner (rather than a quick thrown together one!) and we worked outside a little more after dinner while we waited for someone from my freecycle group to pick up the chain link fencing that had been along one side of the pumpkin patch. (Check another job off the list!)

It was getting dark by the time we came in, but I had time to read to the kids before they went to bed (our read aloud right now is "Gathering Blue" by Lois Lowry) and even managed to help Joe figure something out on his computer before I called it a day.

I just love relaxed, productive days like yesterday...


Jackie Dickie said...

Oh, what a sweet, wonderful day! I love days like that. I enjoyed the pictures on FB of the family egg toss. It looked as if the "yolk" was on R and Joe! And I was wondering why the videographer was standing on her head! It looked like a fun day!

Leigh said...

Sounds extremely productive and most of this kind of life is slow but steady progress. You place looks really good.