Friday, April 11, 2014




Outside my window... the sun is up, the sky is crystal blue without a single cloud to be seen. It's a beautiful spring day...

I am thinking... about how to stop thinking about the results (not great) of M's recent CT scan.

I am thankful... for the blessing of an ordinary day.
In the kitchen... the produce at Sprouts looked so good yesterday I planned our dinner around it. I bought a lovely fresh loaf of French bread and some spring mix, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, and a bit of smoked turkey at the deli. Dinner was sub sandwiches... think salad in bread with a little turkey! Mmmm... it was good.

I am creating... a huge mess where my pumpkin patch used to be, this is definitely a "looks worse before it looks better" kind of project!

I am going... to E's tonight to help with a homeschool group co-op class she's doing. She asked me to do this months ago, but she's sure I'm going to forget (because I have at least once or twice already!), so my showing up will probably be a surprise to her. ;)

I am hoping... I can find M's orthopedist's number and can get him in quickly for an appointment.

I am looking forward to... the snow that's forecast for Sunday. The kids and I already have a "date" for a movie and popcorn filled afternoon. We're were talking about H.G. Well's books the other day and I think we're going to watch the 1960 "The Time Machine" movie.

In the garden... the kitchen garden is turned, raked and ready to go. The rhubarb is already growing like gangbusters, some of the herbs are up and growing, and I've planted carrots and a couple different types of lettuce. I should probably get the onions in soon too...

I am pondering... what M's doctor told me yesterday about his CT scan's confusing though, I need more information from her... I hope she replies to my question filled email soon.

A few plans for the rest of the week... we'll be working in the pumpkin patch today, moving paving stones from the (former) border, and getting it ready to mark for the post holes. I need to replant the iris' that had been along the pumpkin patch fence as well. They never did very well there, and they have to be moved to make way for the fence so... I've dug them up, separated them, and am replanting them elsewhere. Tomorrow will be more outside work, and Sunday we'll be snuggled inside while the cold and maybe snow rolls through.

A favorite photo...

(K and the grandkids during her recent visit...)


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