Wednesday, April 9, 2014

never a dull moment...

I had plans to work outside yesterday... the weather was perfect and I've been so ready to clear the last of winter out of the garden to make way for spring growth. 

I did work outside in the morning, and got soil in the kitchen garden turned, and cleaned up a bit in our little "remembrance" garden. But then my outside plans were derailed with a trip to the ER for M. 

He's ok... His foot slipped going down a step yesterday and he came down hard (on his feet) and his back pain went way up. He could hardly move for awhile, it hurt to sit, or stand... he couldn't bend over... and he was panicky from the pain. (He said later he was worried he'd broken his back!) I called his doc's office and they were less than helpful... She (M's doc) was off yesterday and the people I talked to didn't know him at all. Since he already has a CT scan of his back scheduled for today, they said if he was just having an increase in his "normal" back pain to wait for the CT scan, but if it's new back pain, take him to the ER. 

I wondered why they just couldn't see him in the office (there are a whole bunch of docs in the practice, surely someone else could have seen him?), but finally decided... after M was still in a lot of pain several hours after slipping... to take him to the ER. 

 Unfortunately it was a busy day in the Children's Hospital satellite we go to and we were there for hours...


The good news is, after another x-ray we know he doesn't have a stress fracture in his back (a concern when we first went in), the bad news is he might have herniated a disk. We won't know though until after today's CT scan. 

So we'll be spending this morning at yet another Children's Hospital satellite site, getting the CT scan done... 

And this afternoon I'm working outside. I'm planting carrots and lettuce in the newly turned kitchen garden and I'm going to start measuring and marking for the pumpkin patch fence. It will be my reward for all the medical stuff I've been doing lately... ;)

(the kitchen garden... almost ready for some early spring seeds)

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