Tuesday, April 15, 2014

our not quite spring weather (and an update)

Yesterday's snow is almost gone already... We went from having an icy wonderland outside the window in the morning, to sticky mud everywhere by afternoon, to, in the evening, the ground already starting to dry out.  We lost no branches during the storm, but the fruit trees were just starting to bud and I'm hoping the hard freeze didn't finish off my harvest (again!) this year. (We didn't get a single apple off the trees last year thanks to a late freeze...)

The pastures are greening up, Murphy and Tucker are losing their winter coats, and I've planted pansies in the little trough/planter out front...but I'm pretty sure winter isn't quite done with us yet. 

It didn't look too spring-y the other day when I took this picture of R, in snowshoes a neighbor lent her, making her way across the front yard.

I didn't intend to be cryptic when I wrote in last week's daybook about the results of M's CT scan. Unfortunately, the results of the scan are confusing to me... I can't seem to track down enough information (that I can understand!) to feel like I have a good picture of what's going on.  So I didn't post anything about the results, hoping to have a better understanding first.

They only scanned his lower back, so the CT didn't give any new information about the mild scoliosis in his upper back found on the x-ray. The results of the CT scan show something called "focal sclerosis" at his L3 and L4 vertebrae (this is instead of the spondylolysis, not in addition to it). This type of sclerosis apparently causes an abnormal hardening of the bone. I don't know what impact that hardening has on his spine, the long term prognosis, etc.. I haven't been able to find much of anything about this problem, especially in a young man, online.

I emailed his PCP on Friday asking her to clarify the results... but haven't heard back. M has an appointment Thursday with the orthopedist who did his second hip operation... hopefully I'll get more information then (and probably a referral to the UCHSC Spine Clinic). 

So that's the latest... hopefully I'll know more by the end of the week.

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