Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pumpkin patch fence... the first tiny bits of progress

We're making progress on the new pumpkin patch fence that I wrote about here (and also here and here, I guess I've been mentioning it a lot!).

Joe took a couple of days off last week to set the posts, and this weekend, despite the change in weather, we got the header up over the gate area.

Here's what we've gotten done so far...

The posts are all cemented in...

Here's looking at the shed through what will be the gate.

The top posts, except for the two on either side of the gate, will need to be trimmed down.  We did it that way because there will be a  horizontal header board all the way around the garden (to discourage the deer from jumping in) and we want to make sure that header ends up perfectly level.

Here's another look at the fence we are basing our design on... Our gate will also stand up about 12" taller than the rest of the fence. (The gate is just over 6' tall, the fence will be just over 5')

Just the fence post setting took both Joe's extra days off, so that's where we had to stop for a couple of days...

Over this last weekend we only had one good weather day, so I ran down to Home Depot and bought the header piece and trim for the gate opening so we could at least make a little bit of progress before the bad weather hit.


... and after adding the header over the gate area.

R put the finials on herself (after we'd pre-drilled for them) and was pretty happy with her work.

(For some reason it looks like it's leaning in this picture... but trust me, it's straight and square!)

Next up will be starting to place all the narrow horizontal pieces that form the base of the grid on the top of the fence, and will hold the pickets on the bottom half of the fence. Hopefully we can get a good start on those this weekend.

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