Friday, May 23, 2014

Movin' along...

I guess it's been awhile since I posted any pictures of how the pumpkin patch fence is coming. Slow is still the best word to describe our progress... but it's still moving along.

We finished the trim piece around the top header that we were working on here and last weekend we put up the horizontal supports for the pickets.

We used 2x4's and, once we got the posts marked for them, it went fairly quickly.

R and I measured, marked the posts, and squared everything up early one morning... it was such a nice time of just the two of us working outside together. What a lovely way to spend the morning....

Anyway... that done, the next step is pickets. We're fencing a fairly large area (35'x 18') and can't afford the prices I've seen for individual pickets (here they're $2.59 each!), so we're buying basic 6' cedar pickets, cutting them to size and cutting the top to a point.The basic pickets are only $1.48 each (here) and I can get two smaller pickets out of each one.

I cut one yesterday and clamped it in place for a little preview.

I think it will work... (Behind the pickets you can see a little bit of another landscaping project I've been working on lately... more on that another day.)

Once we get the pickets cut, it should be easy work to put them up.

I've also started laying paving stones for the walkway through the pumpkin patch...

These paving stones used to form the border around the old pumpkin patch fence, and I thought I'd recycle them inside the patch as a walkway. I'm not crazy about this pattern though... I'll probably re-do it.

I'm planning on planting the pumpkin patch this weekend... and then it becomes the race of finishing the fence before the plants get big enough for the deer to eat!

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