Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nest watching

Each year, finches build a nest in a little hanging lantern I have on the front porch.

(You can see a bit of the nest peaking out of the lantern on the left...)

R found five impossibly tiny eggs in the nest the other day, and I went out yesterday to take pictures of the eggs before they started to hatch..

Oops... too late.

I found four impossibly tiny eggs and one brand new baby bird...

Because the nest is on the front porch, and gets walked by several times a day, mama bird is pretty laid back about humans being around, so I'm going to take pictures of the nest every day or so... it should be fun to watch the babies grow!

1 comment:

SteveC said...

Very cool. I built a birdhouse for the yard but the bird never use it. I may have to put it somewhere else as I love to see the egg and chicks!