Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pumpkin patch fence progress...

...or lack thereof.

Mother nature has slowed down the progress on the pumpkin patch fence... We've had two snowstorms during the past couple of weeks, and plenty of cold, anything-but-springlike weather.

But here's where we are...

We're building on a slight hill, and followed the slope with our 2x4 header pieces, except for the gate area which we leveled.

The main header pieces are up all the way around, and now we are working on adding some 2x2 "trim" to the top of the header.

We weren't sure about adding the extra piece to the top, but without it, the header looked too thin... flimsy.

So we're going around now and adding the extra 2x2's...

Which wouldn't be a big job (a couple of hours tops!) if we didn't have to stop for snowstorms (and the dozens of other distractions that seem to pop up each time we head outside to work!).

Here's a picture of the "inspiration" fence again:

We're changing the plans a bit because our fence is so much shorter (5' compared to 10') and because our garden is smaller (35'x17') than the one is the photo. We're leaving the pickets at the bottom, but because of the height difference, we aren't going to put in the wood gridwork between the pickets and the header. We're going to use cattle panels cut to size instead... They'll give us the same gridwork design but in a much lighter form. We're also going to leave off the 2x2 trim pieces the they put running vertically up each fence post... wood is just too expensive to add all the little "extras" in this fence design.

Here's a picture of a fence with a cattle panel insert:

The panels are rigid and I think they look very nice, not wavy etc. like horse or field fencing. We'll use cattle panel just on the top half of ours... the bottom will still be pickets, but this gives a hint to what the top might look like.

So... that's where we are... hopefully this week we can get the header done and start on the pickets. (Which is fairly important, because we need to get the deer fenced out so I can plant my pumpkins!)

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Jackie Dickie said...

That will be so nice! We've been having unseasonably warm (in the 80's) temps this week but that will all change on the weekend (50's and rain) just in time for the Farmers Market. :-(