Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dear Small Songbird,

You didn't really think I wouldn't notice the nest you were building on my front door, did you?

I understand that my burlap wreath makes a handy little shelf, and is nicely sheltered by the porch roof...

... but surely you understand that I go in and out of that door many times each day, and it just wasn't the best place for your new home. It was a lovely nest, the dryer lint lining was a nice touch... and I feel badly but it had to go.

Best of luck in your new, new home... wherever it may be (I would avoid the barn for your new nest location... there are cats out there!)


Your Bird Bath Filling, Bird Seed Providing, Human Friend

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Renee Nefe said...

We have birds every year who attempt to build nests on our porch lights. The nesting materials fall right off. And then there are some who build nests in our eves... but each year we find dead birds on our driveway. I'm not sure if the birds fall out or if we have a Starling problem.