Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jiminy Cricket...

...I'm drowning in pickets!

But the fence around the pumpkin patch is moving along... and the picket stage is just about done.

After pricing standard pickets ($2.59 for this gothic style wood composite picket!)....

....we decided to save a LOT of money and cut our own.

I started with regular 6' cedar pickets and cut them to size, and then angled the top. We paid $1.48 for each long picket, and I got two short pickets out of each one, for a cost of .74 per picket... (much better price, don't you think?)

With some of them I cut the dog ear off the top, then cut them exactly in half and added a 45 degree angle to the top of each picket. Those were our "standard" length pickets. Because the fence is on a  sloped piece of ground I also needed some slightly longer, and some slightly shorter pickets though too. So for these I measured the length I needed for the slightly longer pickets, cut that off the bottom of the 6' piece, leaving the top piece a little shorter than "standard". Then I cut the angle on both top and bottom pieces.

The shorter pieces worked perfectly for the "high" ground areas of the fence. ...

While I cut the wood, Joe used a nail gun to attach them to the fence.

Even with both of us working, it still took almost all last weekend to get it all done.

I set up a little cutting station under the tree and cut wood....

... and cut wood...

... and cut more wood.

It ended up taking somewhere around 287 pickets (not that I counted or anything...) to go all the way around the pumpkin patch. We spaced them about an inch and a half apart, just for ease in measuring (using a scrap piece of 2x2 as a spacer).

I love how they look... there is something so neat and tidy about a picket fence.

So, what's left to do?

A gate... obviously... (although this bungie-corded piece of cattle panel does the job)... and filling in the space between the pickets and the header.

That space doesn't have to be filled right away though..  As the fence is now, the deer can't jump in... but filling the space above the pickets
will keep them from reaching their heads through that space, and nibbling, when the pumpkins get bigger.

(My little pumpkin seedlings, happily growing despite a little hail damage...)

So... there we are... with about 2/3 of the pumpkin patch fence done!

Now we're on to planning and building the gate!

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