Thursday, July 31, 2014

According to my highly scientific rain gauge...

...we've had almost 3" of rain over the past couple of days...

... and it's still raining.

The pumpkins are happy...

.... the echinacea are thrilled.

But the chicken yard fence building has slowed to a crawl.

We started stretching the wire fencing yesterday but the ground is too wet... I'm afraid the T-posts aren't solid enough.

(And why does everything in this photo look crooked to me? I can tell myself the tree is crooked, and everything is on a slope... and the T-post to the left of the tree has been pulled over a little by the tension of the wire... but those wood posts are straight... I swear... and the level said they were.... so this photo makes me a little crazy.)

Anyway... we've stopped stretching wire until things dry out a bit.

We are in serious need of a little sun!

Here's a photo reminder if you're in Colorado and haven't seen the sun in a while... It looks like this:

It seems like it might be a good day to start building the gate, it can be done mostly inside.

The rain has been great, we live in a place that's dry enough that we always welcome rain...

But it can stop now.

The kids have a car wash fundraiser on Saturday for their Special Olympic team and it's either going to be perfect timing (people cleaning up their cars after all the rain) or horrible timing (still raining, no one washing their car).

Oh well, enough of this whiny, disjointed post... back to work. :)


Renee Nefe said...

oh I hope the rain quits for your fundraiser.

If you need to borrow a level, let me know. But I don't think that the chickens will care if it's a bit crooked. ;)

Maura said...

Thanks Renee, but we've got a level (several of them!), it's what I used when I set the post. It's the crookedness of the tree and the slope of the hill that makes it all look wonky. ;)

Jackie Dickie said...

i love the rain and we haven't been having to much of it here. Maybe we could swap ~ our sunshine for your rain.

(hey, i think it's going to let me leave a comment!)