Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's a Cadillac

The pumpkin patch fence got a huge upgrade recently.

Going from a piece of cattle panel bungie-corded in place for a gate...

... to this Cadillac of a gate that Joe built. (We didn't stain or treat the wood between the previous photo and this one... I took some of these pictures during an evening when the light was just fantastic... the sky absolutely glowed. That's why there is a color difference from one photo to the next.)

It took him two weekends to build it, using mostly scrap 2x4's left over from the fence and leftover pickets. He cut each picket to size, trimming the bottoms so they would clear the thick flagstone "welcome mat" at the entrance to the garden.

I love the gate latch, it's heavy cast iron (I am partial to cast iron), and we got it at Home Depot. We bought several different styles of latches to try, not sure what would work best on the double gate, and this one ended up working and looking the best...

I think the gate is gorgeous, and am so happy to see this part of the fence finally finished.

Next will be filling in the upper, open areas of the fence (between the pickets and the header) with a metal framework. We're still playing around with ideas, but we want it to be decorative, AND keep the deer from coming through that opening into the garden.

A quick update on S (who had been staying with us while they looked for a permanent foster placement): She moved to a foster home on Sunday... Things are quickly getting back to normal here, and it's been wonderful to have a more freedom again (not needing to keep her or M in my sight at all times)... I've worked out in the garden, taken some short walks, it's been very nice. I haven't heard from S since she left but will check in with her therapist later in the week and see how she's doing...

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