Thursday, July 10, 2014

no time...

S is still here and both time and energy are in short supply around here. I need to always be in the room when she and M are together and since neither of them likes being outside (and it has been HOT lately) I'm spending a lot of time inside the house... and the outside work has not been getting done. So... I've started heading outside to work early... before they get up... but that's normally my "blogging" time... therefore no blog post today.

Although, I guess this is a post, but this isn't a blog post about anything... just explaining why I'm not able to post...  (Too little sleep makes for convoluted thoughts/sentences!)

S has a pre-placement visit today with a foster family. She's super excited. I'm cautiously hopeful. This family might be wonderful... but they don't really match what the department said they hoped to find for S, and it's not like they are the best option from among several families the department is considering... They are literally the only foster family who could take her right now. So... we'll see.

One more quick note... I changed the settings for my comments because I got some feedback that things weren't working well... Let me know if this is better, and leaving comments easier.

Everyone is still asleep so I'm back outside to get a little more done... (The gardens look like giant mutant weeds are taking over!)

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