Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thrifting Thursday (vintage fisher-price)


I've been looking for a vintage Fisher Price little people dollhouse for awhile now and I finally found one at Goodwill... for $3.99.

I've had the vintage little people barn and some of the animals for awhile now...

They came into the thrift store M works at and I snapped them up immediately. I think the barn kind of looks like ours...

Complete with barn art and bird's nests!

But I couldn't find a house to go with it.

Until now...

Of course, this is the second time I've purchased both these items... Our "big kids" had the house, barn, garage, and village little people sets (also purchased from thrift stores) back when they were tiny. As they outgrew them, and I wanted the space all those toys took up for other things, I got rid of them. (a definite lack of foresight)

I always liked those old little people sets though... I love the cool little furniture, and various expressions on the people's faces, and the neat way everything fit together to store away.

My "new" house could use a little more furniture (I'll keep watching thrift stores) but otherwise I'm set... I have no desire to collect them... I'm happy with just the house and the barn.

Despite the fact that my "babies" are now 21 and 17, the house just looks more like a home with a few toys here and there....

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