Thursday, August 14, 2014

a newsy little update

So... no pictures of a finished barn quilt on the chicken coop today. We ended up running all over town on Tuesday, so I had very little time to paint... and yesterday an old friend spent the day, so no painting then either. It's supposed to rain today, and S is coming for a visit Friday-Saturday so Sunday might be my first chance to really spend time outside painting.

Since I have no "after" pictures, I thought I'd post a quick update instead...

M is one week away from his 22nd birthday... and is unsettled. He's always unsettled around his birthday, and unfortunately this year is no different. It doesn't help that his gastroparesis has been flaring up for the past few weeks, and he's thrown up more than a few of his bedtime medication doses. His schizophrenia meds are truly what keep him connected and reasonable... he can miss a dose here and there, but not many, without causing problems.

I do think the gastroparesis is finally calming down again, thank goodness, he's made it through two nights without vomiting. I think the cause of this recent flare up might might have been the Ensure I started giving him a month or so ago. A friend, who is a doctor, suggested it when I mentioned his weight loss to her... but I think it's just too rich for him. Unfortunately, he's down about 30 lbs over the past couple of years, and can't afford to keep losing like this. So, it's back to the drawing board... finding ways to get calories in, without triggering another flare up!

M's back is still an issue, and things seem to be at a standstill in terms of treatment. His spine doctor wanted him to stop wearing the brace (apparently, wearing it for too long starts to be counterproductive...) and ordered an MRI which was done several weeks ago. The doc said he'd call to let me know the results of the MRI... but despite multiple reminder calls on my part, I'm still waiting for the results. (grumble, grumble) The MRI will (probably) show either a fracture in his vertebrae or a malformed vertebrae... and which one it is should help steer the next direction we need to go for treatment.

R is spending the month running back and forth from Mr G's house, taking care of his horses. He's hired her to feed, groom, muck stalls, etc. It's only for this one month (neither of us thought it would be a good commitment to have during the winter) and she's already looking forward to the end of those early morning (and evening) bike rides down the road.

The chickens are great... none of them has been eaten yet... (thank you coyotes for small favors!)... and they are laying well. I do enjoy watching them pecking and scratching around in their run, and after a few treats of apple cores and salad scraps, they are SO happy to see me each day... They come running as soon as I show up at the gate, checking to see if I've brought anything more exciting than their regular chicken feed.

I'll close with this picture... of the miniature pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. It's only about 2" tall right now, but perfectly formed. It will be fun to see how big it gets!


Renee Nefe said...

something you might try...
hubby is on Boost, and I found that it comes in powdered form that you mix with milk. You could thin that down for M and perhaps it might be more tolerable (but then I also thought you could thin his Ensure down as well)
Glad that the chickens like their new home!

Jackie Dickie said...

Sorry to hear that M Is so unsettled just now. Hope that it passes and things can settle down a bit. Your little pumpkin is so cute!