Thursday, August 28, 2014

a secret project

I'm working on a secret project.

Secret because Joe isn't crazy about me building things... and my secret project involves building. As in power tools, lots of wood, and a fair amount of expense.

Why does wood have to be so expensive?

I'm trying my hand at an Ana White project... my first.

And the project instructions say "advanced" which scares me because I'm not "advanced" when it comes to building things... I'm very firmly in the "beginner" category. But she has plans for exactly what I've been needing (and can't afford) so I'm hoping I have enough "beginner" skills to get me through this project.

I don't think I'm going to tell you what I'm building until it's done.

That way, if all I end up with is an expensive pile of firewood, no one will ever know how crazy I was to attempt this project.

Here's a hint though...    This is what I was working on yesterday:

Yes, I was building in the mudroom... It was big enough (barely) warm and dry (and the lines in the tile came in handy for keeping things square).

More to come...


Renee Nefe said...

My husband isn't a fan of me building things either. It isn't any doubt of my ability (we took a wood working class together!), rather that he feels less if he doesn't build it himself. :p

I like your idea of using the tile as a straight edge. Very smart.

liese4 said...'s going to be a wall? A deck floor? A dancing floor? This is hard. Hmm....things for the chickens to sit that can't be it. A pot holder thingy for the kitchen? A trellis?