Tuesday, August 5, 2014


... is the mother of invention.

Yes, necessity is too...

...but boredom (and schizophrenia) was the fuel for a little inventive fun M and I had yesterday.

He's been sick a lot the past week or so, his gastroparesis has been flaring up and he's thrown up his evening meds several times. Consequently, he's been more obsessive and unsettled lately... getting stuck on things, unable to shift gears, and just generally unhappy (and making everyone else unhappy at the same time).

Yesterday afternoon he was so unsettled... and nothing seemed to be helping him relax... even offering playing a game.... which is almost always calming to him.

He was too unsettled to decide on a game...

So I made him a new one.

While he sat on the front porch, unhappy, unable to make a decision, and too unsettled to focus on anything...

I grabbed a chunk of 4x4 left over from the pumpkin patch fence and quickly cut it into 5 squares (each ended up about 3.75" per side).

M was already coming to look for me in just the 10 minutes it took to do the cutting, so I grabbed the drill and a big drill bit and headed out to the front yard.

I didn't tell him what I was working on at first... trying to pique his interest... and it did. He was focused, watching me drilling for a few minutes and quickly realized I was making a die.

By the time I'd started drilling the second wood cube, he was excited and saying I should make five of them... which I was... so we could play yahtzee (one of his favorite games) with them... which had been my dastardly plan all along.

I didn't take time to sand them, since I knew he wouldn't be able to maintain focus for that long, so there were a few splinters, but otherwise the game was a success.

I chalked out a huge scoresheet on the small paved part of the driveway and we got a fair amount of exercise tossing the giant dice and then gathering them all back up again for the next "roll".

I beat him 301 to 273... I rolled a yahtzee.

By the time we were done playing, he was much more settled... the novelty of the game, and the bit of outdoor exercise seemed to have interrupted the stuck place he was in and the rest of the afternoon was much easier...

I'm still picking splinters out of my fingers though, I think I'll sand our new dice down before our next "yard yahtzee" game.

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Jackie Dickie said...

What an awesome idea! Good job!