Thursday, August 7, 2014

busy days...

The chicken yard is done... the coop is moved.. and our chickens are safely moved in and doing well.

It's been a busy couple of days!

I love our little coop... I found it about a year ago in my neighbor's trash pile... It was a little rough, but my "chicken partner" neighbor (who shared our little flock of chickens and kept them on her land) and I fixed it up.

It's still a work in progress though... Yesterday I put trim around the little window, and today I'll trim out the rest of that side... match the nest box side. It also got a new coat of paint (leftover barn paint), I do love the barn red with the crisp white...

The coop sits outside the chicken yard fence, but snug against it, and I cut a hole in the fence that matches the opening out of the coop, then stapled the fence to that side of the coop. Not only does that save space in the chicken yard (which isn't big anyway...) but I can clean the coop and gather eggs from outside the yard... easy peasy!

To finish up the chicken yard, R and I bent a piece of cattle panel and created an archway over the gate...

In addition to fancying up the gate, it gives a place to attach the tree netting to.

The entire chicken yard is covered with tree netting to keep the hawks out. I had a few branches that were hanging low and had to come off the big cottonwood that ended up inside the fence, so I cut the highest branch off about a foot from the trunk of the tree, added an open eye screw to it, and use that hook to hold the tree netting up... kind of circus tent style. The sides of the tree netting are attached to the fencing (and arch) with zip-ties.

The hens settled in quickly (despite Cody getting into the chicken yard the first evening and chasing them around!) and seem happy to dig and peck around in the dirt and mulch.

It was a lot of work, but I'm so happy to have our chickens right outside the back door. We bought these chickens as tiny chicks last spring, and they've lived in the shared coop at the  neighbor's ever since... It's very nice to just walk out the back door (instead of through the front pasture and over the hill) for fresh eggs!


Renee Nefe said...

Glad that you got the flock all moved and settled. It looks great.

SteveC said...

Looks great! If I were a chicken, I'd certainly want to live there!