Friday, August 29, 2014

C is for chicken....

... and cucumber.

Which, when combined, makes for some cheap entertainment.

I hung a huge cuke on some baling twine, and once they figured out it wasn't a threat, our chickens got days of entertainment from it (and so did we, they are so funny!).

C is also for construction, which is coming along well... So far the hardest part of my secret project has been all the trips to Home Depot. It's a hard store for M to visit and he frequently wanders off, and R won't even come in... she'd rather sit in the car... so I tend to be distracted (trying to hurry, and keep track of M, while still finding what I came in for!) and I forget things when I'm distracted.

But it does seem to be coming together... hopefully I'll have some pictures soon. (Good guesses Liese, but no I'm not making a trellis, dance floor, chicken perch or pot holder thingy. Here's a hint it's BIGGER than a breadbox... :)


liese4 said...

Well of course it's bigger than a breadbox....a bread oven?

Renee Nefe said...

a wooden bread oven wouldn't last very long. ;)

But I don't have any guesses.