Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Celebration time!

It's M's birthday!

Twenty-two years ago he was born (about a month early) and began the roller coaster that has been his life.

I'm busy making chocolate chip pancakes (his favorite breakfast!), and later we'll stop at Sprouts and pick up some tofu for his favorite dinner... Without-the-Beef Stroganoff. (Since he isn't able to eat beef or pork I've had to get creative with favorite family recipes... substituting tofu in the stroganoff is surprisingly good!) I'll make a nice pineapple upside down cake for his birthday cake...

Many people probably thing of M's struggles with schizophrenia or FASD when they think of him... but those are just a small part of who he is. Just for fun I thought I'd share a little about him that most people don't know...

1. M loves trivia facts and often remembers funny little bits and pieces of things he's heard... like which type of snake is most poisonous, which can burn your skin if you touch it, and the dental characteristics of sharks.

2. M seems to have a map in his brain, even of places we've only been to once or twice, and his sense of direction is uncanny... I can't tell you how many times he's kept me from getting lost.

3. The highlight of M's day is walking up to the road and getting the mail. He literally plans his day around that event... and Sundays can be hard (no mail delivery).

4. M processes pain differently than most people. Unless it's really an intense pain he doesn't seem to feel it. (And yes, this causes no end of problems in terms of keeping him safe and healthy!)

5. M loves to play board games. We play a board game or two at least 4-5 days out of the week. His favorites are Jumanji and Zathura... both based on books.

6. M is looking a little shaggy these days. He's trying to grow his hair out... his goal is a ponytail. I'm not sure we're going to make it.

7. When M was a baby his nickname was E.T. He was malnourished when we got him (at 7 months) and his head looked huge compared to his scrawny little body... so Joe called him E. T.  It didn't take long for him to put weight on, but the nickname stuck for several years (just don't call him that now!).

Here's M on his first birthday....


He was up most of last night, too excited to sleep... I hope he has a good day today.


Renee Nefe said...

Happy Birthday M!

Loren said...

Just a coincidence that I looked at your blog today. I hope M has a super great birthday. It was a lovely post.

Virginia said...

Happy birthday to him!!!! I wish we could be there to celebrate.