Friday, August 15, 2014




Outside my window... the sun isn't up yet... early mornings this week because Joe has had to be at work early (and I'm the backup alarm!).

I am thankful... for so many things... right now, especially, for my children and grandchildren's health.

In the kitchen... M's gut is doing well enough that I've been able to have a bit more freedom in terms of cooking. For the past few weeks every evening has been a dilemma of what can I make for dinner that he might be able to eat? He's enough better now that I have a little more leeway in what I serve...

I am creating... a bit of barn art, and a little mando music when I get the chance.

I am reading... Hen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance. I picked up a few books on chicken keeping the last time I was at the library... most were pretty dry, but this has been a fun read. 

I am hoping... M's gut continues to work well enough to get by. He hasn't been sick for several days which has been wonderful!

I am looking forward to... seeing S later this morning. Her foster mom is bringing her for an overnight visit. This is the first time I've seen her since she moved into her new foster home, and I miss her.

Around the house... I'm already making plans for fall/winter projects. I'm looking forward to fall and having more time for inside work.

In the garden... pumpkins are growing like crazy and the onions and carrots are doing great, the peppers are producing but not well and the tomatoes just aren't happy at all. I think I'm going to move them into the big garden (from the little kitchen garden) next year and see if they're happier. 

One of my favorite things... Irish dancing (my older girls danced for 10 years). I found this video taken at the wedding reception for two dancers from the "Lord of the Dance" show. It's awesome... and brings back so many memories. Enjoy...

A peek into my day...

a couple of chick pics...

This is M's hen... Sara Kane

Hazel and Lilly:
"Do you have any treats for us?"


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SteveC said...

So glad to hear all the good news. You certainly sound busy!
The clip was lovely. I must admit though I can do the same dance that the fella starts up at around the 1:30 mark. I may not be as choreographed but all it takes is a bee to go up the pant leg and I'm off.