Monday, August 25, 2014




Outside my window... the sun isn't up yet, but the sky is starting to lighten. I love seeing the back-lit silhouettes of the big pines on the horizon.

I am thinking... about what an exhausting weekend it was. M had his birthday party on Saturday, and yesterday I entertained some of daughter K's friends from Ghana who are visiting in the U.S.... and mixed in with all the company was an emergency at the neighbors that we had to help with. I was SO tired by last night...

I am thankful... that the weekend is over. I'm ready for some calm, low-key days.

In the kitchen... I cooked all day yesterday for my Ghanaian guests. When I asked K what I should cook for them, she said "anything, but lots of it" so I made sure I had a feast ready for them.

I am creating... I've got another little project connected to the chicken coop I'm hoping to get done this week... adding some siding to an area that was never finished. I can't wait to get started!

I am going... no where today if I can help it. I need some time at home... the grass needs cut, the gardens need attention, and I can't get anything done when I'm spending my days running around.

I am reading... nothing right now, I'm thinking we need to schedule a trip to the library.

I am hoping... M's stomach does well with all the rich food we had yesterday. Today will be a "simple" food kind of day for sure...

I am looking forward to... starting work on the chicken coop project I've put off for the past week. The wood for it is in the back of the van and it's been so hard to have to wait to get started.

One of my favorite things... watching the sun coming up, which I've been doing for the 20 minutes or so I've been typing this post.

A few plans for the rest of the week... R has a ukulele lesson, I'm having some repairs done on the car, both kids have an appointment with the pdoc, and I'll probably have to take M shopping to spend some of his birthday money.

A peek into my day...

The first thing I usually see each morning... Murphy at the fence, pawing the ground impatiently, waiting for me to come and feed him.


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Leigh said...

Well, a belated Happy Birthday to M. I read his birthday post and all I could think of was what a blessing.

I'd forgotten about the Simple Woman's Daybook; journaling at its finest.