Friday, August 1, 2014

Pumpkin Patch fence: finished!

The pumpkin patch fence is finally finished... and I do love it. It was worth all the work, sweat, money and frustration that went into it. (And I hope it lasts so long it never needs replacing!)

From a distance it probably doesn't look much different than it did the last time I posted about it. Back then the only thing left was to decide what to do with the area between the header board and the pickets... In the original photo I found of the beautiful deer proof fence, that area is filled with and open lattice type arrangement made of wood. We nixed that idea right away though, since our fence is much smaller (both in area and height) and we thought that much wood would look overwhelming... and also because that much wood would have been very expensive.

And we're all about saving money. :)

After talking over several hundred (give or take) options for that space, and struggling over problems with each option, I had an idea... drill through the 4x4's and run wire horizontally through the open space. Joe wasn't sure at first if it would work,  but we talked about it and I bought some wire and it ended up being the perfect solution. I bought 14 gauge electric fence wire (only $35.) and it ended up being MORE than enough. It only took a couple of days to string the wire... and then came the part I'd been looking forward to.

Fancy-ing that wire up!

For Mother's Day my grandkids (and daughter E) made me over a hundred pony bead suncatchers... just for this fence. Aren't they beautiful?

There are hearts, and two different sizes of circles, each one unique and each one special. (Kind of like the grandkids who made them! ;)

My oldest granddaughter even made me a very cool, very large, pumpkin suncatcher, which now hangs in a place of honor next to the garden gate...

The suncatchers are not only beautiful... they serve a purpose. I hung them with the same electric fence wire we strung horizontally (to keep the deer from leaning over between the pickets and the header to nibble my garden), and they are spaced to provide vertical support for that horizontal wire... keeping the deer from spreading the wire apart... to eat my garden.

So, there it is... completely finished...

...and just in time too, since now I have the chicken fence to work on!

I built the gate for the chicken yard yesterday and hope to get it hung today... I had to buy a couple of 1x4's for it, but I mostly just used wood leftover from the pumpkin fence.

Here is it, just propped in place waiting to be hung...

The sun is out... so it's back outside to work!


Renee Nefe said...

when I saw your suncatchers in the first photo they were in, I was like "ooh ooh! I know what those are!" LOL I did those for a co-op once. It was a lot of fun (we did them on my bbq grill so I didn't smell up the house. :D

The fence looks great and I love your wire idea.

Jackie Dickie said...

The fence looks great! Those suncatchers are so cute and i'm sure just the thing to stabilize the fence and keep the deer a little confused as to what those colorful things are!