Sunday, September 28, 2014


Sorry I didn't post Friday... I meant to, but ended up getting S a day early (was planning on getting her Friday afternoon, got her Thursday afternoon instead) and she brought a bucket load of drama with her, so posting here went right down the tubes...

S was here to go to the RCC homecoming dance with M and R. It's not really a homecoming like a typical school homecoming... mostly it's just a big fall dinner/dance for adults in our community who have special needs. The kids all look forward to this dance (and the RCC prom in the spring) and this is the first RCC dance S has gone to with us, so that made it a little more special.

How about some pictures?

All three in the front yard before we left for the dinner/dance

R has such a flair for the dramatic... Can you tell she was thrilled about the dance?

M was pretty excited too...

S had a great time and danced the whole evening...

I'm not sure what M was dancing to here, but it was taking a lot of concentration. (Yes, you can dance... very carefully... with a broken vertebra.)

R's best dance friend and partner was voted homecoming king... what a great way to wind down the evening... He was so happy to be crowned king.

And I couldn't help remember last year's homecoming when R was voted queen.

Such good times.... good memories for all.

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Jackie Dickie said...

Oh, what a special night! They all look so lovely! (R's dress is gorgeous!)