Wednesday, September 3, 2014

my secret project... revealed :)

My "secret project" is coming together, and I'm to the point where I'm no longer worried that I'm making nothing more than a pile of expensive firewood... so it's time to share what I've been working on.

I'm making a small cedar garden shed.

I wasn't planning on building a shed, but once the chickens moved down the hill into the back yard, I found I had a little pile of chicken stuff that needed to be close enough to be convenient (the barn is too far away to be handy) but looked like a pile of junk sitting in the backyard. I'd been looking for something I could use out there to hide all the clutter, and still be handy when I was cleaning the coop, etc.

That's when I saw the plans for the shed (Ana White's plans here) and knew it would be perfect for holding all the chicken clutter (and some gardening tools too!).

So I started buying lumber...

After building the frames for the walls inside (our mudroom was just barely big enough!) I moved outside and put the siding (made from cedar pickets, cut to size) on. I only had to make three walls, since the doors make up the fourth side.

Once the walls were done, R helped me moved them around back and screw them together at the corners.

Then I put the header across the front.

The next day I built the framework for the roof and attached it up top...

And that's where the project stopped for the long Labor Day weekend...

Yesterday I started back to work... building the doors and hanging them. I took absolutely zero pictures of the doors going together... in part because it was one of those what-can-go-wrong- will kinds of mornings, and the first door I built took forever (and I was thinking that maybe a three-sided shed would be nice). Luckily the second door went together more easily and I was able to get them hung.

Today should be the day I go back to Home Depot (for the millionth time) and get the plywood for the roof...

But I might not...

The kids are SUPER tired of Home Depot, and so am I, but I really should do something about the roof...

Hmm... we'll see, I might force myself to make one more trip to the big orange box.

I'm pretty happy with my little shed... It went together (except for that one door) very easily and Ana White's instructions are wonderful and easy to follow.

Now to catch up all in inside work that didn't get done because I've been outside working on this shed!


Virginia said...

Great job!

For the roof, you could always turn a little redneck and just duct tape a black garbage bag over it. ;)

Renee Nefe said...

Wow! Your shed is beautiful! Almost too pretty for what you're storing in it. ;)

Please get the to Home Depot and buy the roof.

SteveC said...

The roof should be fun. When I made my turf shed I went to the local hardware store and bought a pile of slate that were slightly off colour. Real cheap.
Other options may be tiles, another chicken coop (with a board going up as you can teach them to climb), a bird house, plant grass (but then you'd need to trim it!) or even a flower garden of sorts (even having a large flat piece of ply with round holes where you can simply place flower pots)?

You're good at the timber work. I'll send you a list projects you can do for me!