Thursday, September 25, 2014

old school...

The farrier came out the other day to check out the crack in Murphy's hoof.

He examined the crack...

Then cleaned and trimmed,

and filed the hoof smooth and level.

Then he did the same thing on the other side (of course, it wouldn't do for Murphy to be high on one side!)

I love watching him work... his actions gentle, yet strong... doing work that has been done, probably in much the same way, for centuries..

He finished his work by bringing out a tiny bottle of turpentine and squirting some in the crack... He said it's old school, but works as a great disinfectant.

His expert word is all is good... Murphy is plenty lazy enough to not put any extra stress on the hoof as the crack grows out, and the crack isn't deep enough to cause any pain.

So now it's just a matter of rewrapping it every few days until the crack grows out (probably a couple of months...).

So, once again Murphy is recuperating from something... luckily nothing serious... but still...  If we had a year go by without Murphy needing recuperation time for something, I'd be amazed.

He is the exact opposite of an "easy keeper" like my pretty boy Tucker!

We're off today for a meeting for S, and then a neighborhood get-together in the afternoon... It should be a good, but busy, day.

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Renee Nefe said...

some things just don't need any "improvement"