Tuesday, September 23, 2014

speaking of barns....

..notice anything different about mine?

My header picture was taken a couple of years ago, and here's my barn now:

(Please ignore the piles of manure... they have since been "relocated"  to the manure pile out behind the barn!)

Here's a little closer shot... now can you see what's different?

How about a little more barn art?

The vintage tin Coke sign came from my SIL...

... and the vintage Coors beer sign came from our neighbors.

It hung on the side of their barn for years... and I could see it from our house and always liked it. When those neighbors moved, knowing how much I liked that old tin sign, they pulled it off their barn and gave it to me. It's been hung up inside my barn for years... but there wasn't room for the Coke sign inside the barn too, so I hung them both up outside.

My old barn is stylin' now!

Happy first day of fall!!

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Jackie Dickie said...

I love them! Any idea of how old they are?