Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thrifting Thursday (butcher block table redo)

I've always loved the look of a thick, heavy, old butcher block in the kitchen, I love the richness of the oiled wood, and the practicality of having a handy place to set a hot pot or quickly chop an onion. (I baby our granite countertops... no chopping, no extreme heat.)

So when this ugly, wobbly table came into the thrift store not long ago, I immediately decided it had possibilities.

It was homemade from solid oak, and had casters (one broken) on the bottom and a drawer (also broken) on top. It was the most awkward, top heavy, piece of furniture I think I'd ever seen...

... but the top was made from old, 2" thick, butcher block. So I happily paid $5. for the table and stuffed it into the back of the van.

Whoever built this table built it to last... it was seriously overbuilt and a BEAR to take apart. I anticipated bringing the table home, flipping it upside down and unscrewing the butcher block from the base, and that would be that.

Except the butcher block was glued on... apparently with bullet proof glue... because I tried every trick I knew to soften the glue, and nothing worked.

I finally gave up and after I'd disassembled the table as much as I could, Joe broke the last of the base off with a sledge hammer.

The base is now scrap wood (I'll save it and use the wood for something someday... it's oak, after all!), but the butcher block survived quite nicely and I started sanding.

It looked as though the butcher block did not have a finish (varnish, shellac) on it,which was wonderful... it was mostly just dirty and dried out.

It didn't take long to sand, and once it was done I started wiping it down with butcher block oil. It was amazing to watch the wood waking up; returning to it's natural beauty...

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the pile of oak down in the garage.... but the butcher block has found a home on my kitchen counter.

 I'm wiping it down with a little oil each day for now, until the wood gets to the point of not drying out so quickly... and each day the wood looks richer and deeper.

It was nice to have a quick, easy, inside project to work on... and I do love having it in the kitchen. (Yes, it's already been used... several times!)


Eileen said...

It looks beautiful! The only thing your kitchen is missing is ninjas.

I wonder where they are?

Apparently my hiding skills have improved, can you find them?

Renee Nefe said...

what an amazing find. I really could do some damage if I went to the thrift store more often.
I saw the other day that hubby has set up our old kitchen table in the basement with his new stool that I got him. I wonder if he's planning a dinner party?