Tuesday, September 16, 2014

up on the roof....

(in the words of an old Drifters song)

...everything is all right.

The shed is roofed.

And I survived.
(I hate heights!).

So yesterday was a very good day.

I spend the morning putting even more staples in the tar paper, then trimming it, and finally putting the shingles on. I'd never done any roofing, so I'm sure there were easier and more efficient ways of doing things... but the shingles are up, look fine, and should do the job... so all is good.

I finished up the roof with some roof and flashing sealer (think black caulk) and sealed the nails along the top edge that weren't covered by a row of shingles.

The whole job involved 5 trips up the 10' ladder to sit on the roof and work. (I did as much as I could from the ladder, but parts of the roof I just couldn't reach.) And for someone who doesn't care much for heights, that was 5 trips too many. :)

But the shed is completely done.

And I didn't fall off the roof even once. ;)

So let's kick back with the Drifters and celebrate how lovely roofs are... (while I admire mine from the ground!)


Renee Nefe said...

Glad that you made it. The shed looks great!

Jackie Dickie said...

Wow! I'm amazed that I can post a comment fron China! The she'd looks wonderful! (And I share your dislike of heights!)