Wednesday, October 8, 2014

birthday moon

Our daughter K, our "first" baby (the youngest of our three birth daughters, and the baby of the family until we adopted M and R) turned 27 today.

She is serving in the Peace Corps in Ghana, and so a staticky phone call this morning and an envelope of small gifts, mailed last month so it would get to Ghana in time, had to pass for a birthday celebration.

There is a beautiful full moon tonight in honor of her birthday though...

Since she lives in a village with no electricity, sporadic phone service, and no internet, the moon is often our only connection. Everything about where she lives is different from home... even the stars she sees are different than the ones over her Colorado home... but she sees the exact same moon we see. And we imagine bouncing love, hugs and other important things off that moon, and back down to each other.

Yeah, maybe it's silly... but it's hard to have family so far away... and it's good to grab any connection you can.

Like this moon...

...shining down on both Colorado, and Northern Ghana, on K's birthday.

Happy Birthday K, if I could I'd send you a burrito and a (cold) diet Dr Pepper to celebrate the day with!

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