Wednesday, October 15, 2014

chicken coop... all buttoned up for winter

I finally finished winterizing the chicken coop. It feels good to have it done...

Last week I built a little wall for the north/west side of the coop to close it off. The wind and snow comes mostly from those directions during the winter, so I knew I wanted something substantial on that side. I just used scraps of wood from other projects to build this little wall...

(Yes, I should have staggered by little cedar "shingles" I'll fix it in the spring when I take it off again.)

Then I used long deck screws to attach it to the coop.

Here's a "before" picture showing the bottom of the coop enclosed with just chicken wire, which is perfect in summer but... brrrrr, in the winter!

Then I added thick plexiglass that we already had it to the south side.

And some thin plexiglass, that I picked up at Home Depot, to the east side.

I like the thick plexiglass much better (despite it's fogginess from being old) but I just couldn't justify spending the extra money to buy the thick kind for the fourth side... It was three times as expensive! So I bought the thinner sheet... I don't think the chickens care. ;)

I did want to definitely use plexiglass on the east and south sides (it would have been much cheaper to use wood), because I wanted to take advantage of the sun... hoping it would help warm the coop on those cold days.

Here's the finished coop, nestled behind the raspberries...

Which have been producing for weeks...

Joe wonders why I'm outside working on the chicken coop so much.

It's because I work a little, eat some raspberries, work a little more, eat more raspberries....

Mmmmm... it's a great way to get things done.

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