Tuesday, October 28, 2014

copy catting (rolling log holder)

After putting in the new wood stove a couple of weeks ago, I knew that I was going to have to make space for enough wood to keep it going without constant trips outside to the woodpile. The woodpile isn't far, just down the front steps along the trail to the barn... but when it's COLD (compared to just cold) it can feel pretty far away.

I'd remembered seeing this log holder, that I love, on a blog I read from time to time:

It was a DIY knockoff of this log rack sold by Wisteria (which seems to have been discontinued):

This kind of log rack seemed to be just what I needed... big enough to hold a lot of wood but not too big, and not an eyesore.

So I decided to make one... but I didn't want to spend any much money doing it... which means I copied the design but tweaked it a little to use, as much as possible, what I already had laying around.

I started with a bunch of smaller scraps of 2x4's that had been left over from the pumpkin patch fence. They'd been sitting on top of the kindling box all summer, and were just in the way... so I cut and pieced them together to make the platform for my log holder. (No pictures of this step, as I had my doubts as to whether this project would ever turn into more than a mess of cut 2x4's.)

This is what I had when I was finished... (after sanding, staining, and a coat of polyurethane)... please ignore the pipes coming up from the corners, this was taken after the project was finished. (Yes, I had almost zero confidence in it turning out to be something that wouldn't embarrass me... so I have no "in progress" photos.)

A nice sold block of wood... so far my only expense was one 8' 2x4 to build the "frame" around my box, and some wheels for the bottom.

Once the base was finished I headed to Home Depot to buy the black plumbing pipe that would hold the logs... and finish up my project.

Except the black plumbing pipe was expensive... as in over $125. for what I needed.

Ummm, no thanks... there was no way I could spend that much on black pipe.

I headed back home without buying anything, sure I could find a way to finish my project without spending a ton of money. I told Joe what I was making, and he headed down to Home Depot next.... and ended up finding a way to complete to log holder for only $20.! We ended up using electrical conduit pipe for the long sides, galvanized plumbing pipe for the connections on top, and we drilled into the wood base to set the pipe, rather than use the floor flanges they used on the one I was copying. (The floor flanges alone were $16. each!)

Here's what we ended up with:

Since all the pipe was galvanized, I had to paint it. (Ugh...) But after a coat of primer and 2-3 coats of paint (painting black over brown to try and make it look like old pipe) I'm happy with how it looks.

I set it by the fireplace and we went to work filling it with wood...

... just in time for yesterday's cold and little bursts of snow...

I'm still a little surprised that it turned out, and was so inexpensive (about $30. for everything...). It was totally a win/win kind of project... I got a spot to hold firewood... and... the top of the kindling box is now cleaned off so I can actually get to the kindling again!


Renee Nefe said...

It looks really nice and when you don't need it for wood, you can use it like a bellman's cart to move your luggage. ;)

SteveC said...

Looks great!