Thursday, October 23, 2014

cross that one off the list...

Well, M had his back injection and we can cross that off the list of procedures that might help everyone understand why his fractured back isn't healing, and how to help it along.

He did great through the procedure and his spine doc was very nice about letting me stay with him the whole time... something he says he almost never does.

M was awake through the procedure and was able to watch as his doc used a "real time" x-ray to guide the tiny needle to just the right spot.

M's doctor showed him the "scottie dog" in his back x-ray... (this isn't M's x-ray, but shows the dog well)

Can you see it?

We could see it right away, and it was so interesting to actually be able to visualize where the problem is.

M's break is across the pars... the neck of the scottie dog.

It looked to the doc as though the fracture that he's seen in past x-rays might have finally broken all the way through. Normally that would not be what we were hoping to see, but in this situation the doc is hoping that maybe by finally breaking through, it will be able to start to heal.

They injected a contrast solution, and then some lidocaine, and we kept a pain journal for the rest of the day. I've emailed the doc with the M's pain ratings and we'll see what he says. He seems to be leaning more and more towards surgery... either a pars repair or spinal fusion... but I think both M and I are going to need some serious convincing before agreeing to another major surgery. One step at a time though, we don't have to make that decision now... thank goodness.

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Renee Nefe said...

Wow! I hope M gets some healing soon. Poor guy.