Monday, October 6, 2014


So.... waaaaaay back this morning.... approximately 4 days ago (yes it seems that long ago) I typed out this post... but then had to wait to get a moment to add a photo and post it. It's now 13 hours later and I'm finally getting back to it. Yep... it's been one of those days...


October 6, 2014

Outside my window... the sun is just starting to coming up, I'll need to head outside soon to do the barn work.

I am thinking... about my neighbor, Mr G... He is so old, and so vulnerable, and the people he's paying to take care of him aren't doing a very good job. I'll be on the phone later, rattling cages at the agency he's working with, hoping to get things changing for the better.

I am thankful... that the other older people in our lives, Grandma, Grandpa and Granny are 1) so healthy, strong and capable and 2) have made sure they have good support in the areas they need it.

In the kitchen... I'm inundated with apples! I think a nice batch of applesauce might be on the agenda for today. 

I am creating... order. I've been working the past week cleaning out our little storage room. Before I started you couldn't even walk into the room without stepping over things.. between the extra dining room chairs, M's overly large board game collection, R's endless movies all over the floor, and my "stash" of odds and ends of wood too good to throw away or burn, it looked as though the room had been ransacked. But two trips to drop stuff off at the thrift store and a few hours cleaning and reorganizing, and it looks much better now.

I am going... to start taking a more active role in Mr G's care. Because he is so old, and his English can be halting, I don't think people (especially at the agency he's hired for his in-home support) take him seriously. He deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.... and I know how to advocate. This seems like a good time to put that knowledge to use. 

I am reading... North of Normal by Cea Sunrise Person... a very strange but interesting memoir. 

I am hoping... M's stomach settles down again. He's been up sick the past two nights, and R's birthday is coming up. I don't want her to stress about him being sick after her birthday dinner.

I am looking forward to... today, a nice day to just putter around the house. (Edited 13 hours later to add; hahaha.... what's that about "best laid plans"?)

I am learning... I'm working on some new (and old) mando tunes and have had to figure out a bit of ukulele so I can help R with a ukulele tune she's having a hard time learning.

Around the house... I'm having too much fun mentally planning the winter's projects. My bathroom is going to get a makeover (new baseboards etc. since I didn't update them when I did the rest of the house, and some "prairie shutters", similar to these but not full height, only half the window height ) and a barn door (similar to this) in the basement.

One of my favorite things... my mandolin, such a good friend (and good therapy!).

A few plans for the rest of the week... applesauce and Mr G's phone calls today, a Candidate Forum night tomorrow through our CCB where the kids can learn more about our Senatorial candidates, a meeting on Weds. at S's foster home (might be interesting, given the FB debacle) which is also K's birthday... I do hope we get to talk to her that day, a nice stay home day Thursday, and Friday I'm meeting the nurse up at Mr G's to help him navigate that visit. 

A photo to share..

the kids, M, R and S with Mr G... they were on their way to homecoming and stopped on the way to see him.


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