Friday, October 10, 2014

mom's playtime

I don't know what it is about building with wood that is so much fun to me, but it is...

I love the measuring, cutting the wood, fitting pieces together... watching something go from just a drawing, or plans, or even just an idea... to an actual, finished product.

I wasn't planning on building anything today... but I was down in the garage, and thought maybe I'd just measure the OSB roof sheathing (leftover from building the shed) I was planning on using to winterize the north side of the chicken coop... (I'm enclosing the bottom of the chicken coop for the winter for warmth, and will open it up again in the spring.)

As I looked at the OSB, I realized I was going to have to make a long cut and piece it to fit... and since I don't have a table saw (and don't want one with M around!) I wondered how much of a challenge it would be to cut a straight line that long.

And before I knew it, the OSB was cut (relatively straight) and the two pieces I needed to fill in the north side of the coop were securely screwed together and it was time for the fun part.

I'd put cedar "siding" (made from pickets) on one rough side of the coop a few months ago, and liked how it looked with the red of the coop, so my plan was to do something similar on the north side too.

Here's the north side of the coop: in another month or two the wind and snow will be blasting through the bottom unless I close it off.

 I had a bunch of small pieces of pickets left over from building the garden shed last month, and I thought they might be close to the right size to make little cedar shake shingles.

I didn't measure anything at first, just grabbed my cedar scraps and tried to fit them together, using the OSB as a base, in a way that looked nice.

I added some 3 1/2" cedar pickets (leftovers from the pumpkin patch fence), cut to size, on either edge so that the measurement came out right for filling between them with my cedar pieces, which I was hoping would end up looking like cedar shake shingles.

Then I started laying out the smaller shingle pieces...

First row, looking pretty good... (that longer one towards the end won't matter, the tops will all be covered by the bottom of the next row of "shingles")

I just used 1.5" staples and the staple gun to attach them, and it went super quick.

It wasn't until the last few shingle pieces on the second row that I needed to do any measuring and cutting...

The third (and final) row was a little more work, as each piece had to be cut a little shorter to allow room for the trim piece on top, and I ended up having to make a few shingles because I didn't have quite enough scraps.

It didn't take long to cut the last few to size, and dog-ear the edge to match the others...
And here's the finished product.

It's not perfect by any means, I didn't think staggering the rows (like real shingles) until I was almost done....but I think it looks good enough and I can't wait for the rain to stop so I can attach it to the coop and see how it looks.

(And next spring I might pull the "shingles" off again and stagger them... I think I would like it better.)

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