Tuesday, October 7, 2014

order from chaos...

noun - complete disorder and confusion. synonyms: disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, bedlam, muddle, mess, shambles.... 

No, I don't think chaos is too strong a word to describe my little basement storage room before I whipped it into shape...

The room isn't large, but it has floor to ceiling shelving along two walls, and a huge free standing storage cabinet on the third wall. There should be plenty of space to hold our stuff right? 


Except there were games, movies, odds and ends of craft supplies, batteries, spray paint and countless other things cluttering up every inch of floor space... because the shelves were full. 

So I reorganized. Here's how I brought a little order out of chaos.

Gift bags... 

Before: stuffed in a too small box with bits and pieces of tissue paper, bows, gift tags etc. It might not have been too bad except the box was always buried under board games.

After: I found an old over the door shoe holder and repurposed it to hold gift bags, rolls of gift wrap, and bags with tissue paper and bows. Ah... much better. 

Paint and brushes... 

Before: Paint cans squeezed and stacked haphazardly onto not enough shelf space, I never could find the paint I was looking for... brushes "stored" in a box holding various paint supplies... I could never find the brush I wanted either. 

After: Paint is roughly organized on shelves, with one area for wood preservatives (important in a log home), another area for our "core" paint colors (barn red, white, gingersnap brown, etc) and a third area for everything else. Paint brushes, can openers, and masking tape now hang from a simple holder I made and hung up.

(Sorry about the weird font change, I'm not sure why it changed, and can't seem to fix it...)


Before; stored in large clear plastic boxes. I thought they'd be easy to find and easy for the kids to keep put away. I was wrong. Putting movies away mostly seemed to involve the kids opening the storage room door and tossing the movies in.

After: Movies nicely organized in a little bookcase that used to hold canning supplies. (Canning supplies have been moved elsewhere, still handy enough to use but not taking up space that is better used for movies.) So far not a single movie has been left on the storage room floor!

My too-good-to-toss scrap wood... 

Before, stuffed here and there in corners of the storage room, frequently finding it's way out into the middle of the room to trip me when I'm not looking.

After: I repurposed a little cabinet we've had forever into a scrap wood bin. I used the drawer from this cabinet for M's little drop down desk, then used the rest to make a rolling wood bin. I took the top off the cabinet (it's behind the rest of the wood) and added some reinforcement across the front, and voila... a nice rolling wood storage bin. (Like my old barn wood? I'm just waiting for the right project for it...)

So... order is better than chaos, yes?

I think I need to find something to paint... I can finally find my paintbrushes again!

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