Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thrifting Thursday (1957 pressure cooker)

Despite the "Thrifting Thursday" title of this post, my "new" pressure cooker didn't actually come from a thrift store... it was seriously on it's way to the trash. An old friend of mine has been cleaning out an elderly relative's house, helping him downsize, and I've been helping. We've probably gone through 30 boxes from the relative's basement, including two large boxes full of windsocks (many of them brand new), several sets of holiday dishes... still in boxes... countless silk flower arrangements, and anything else you can imagine... sorting them into keep, trash, and give away piles.

By the time my friend opened the large box containing multiple Tupperware carrot stick holders (new) and this old beauty...

... she was ready to be done with the sorting and just throw everything away.

So she pulled the pot out of the box, and put it directly into the trash bag...

.... and I just as quickly pulled it out of the trash bag and told her I'd take it.

When I checked the numbers on the bottom of the pot, I knew it was meant to be... This pot and I are almost exactly the same age!

So I cleaned it up well (it was in surprisingly good shape, it had been wrapped in plastic before going into the box) and ordered a new gasket, safety fuse and vent tube for it and it will be my new bean pot.

I even found an owners manual online for the 1958 Mirro-Matic Pressure Cooker, which is only one year newer, so should work for this pot.

I'll test it as soon as the new parts come, but I'm hoping it will be good as new and ready to make a new batch of beans.

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Renee Nefe said...

what a wonderful find!

my good old reliable pressure cooker's handle decided to break after I used was just sitting by the sink waiting for me to clean it and the plastic broke off. weird. and my newer pressure cooker that I barely used decided that it doesn't want to open and shut anymore. Maybe a new gasket?