Monday, November 24, 2014




November 24, 2014

Outside my window... it's still dark with just a few lights twinkling on the horizon.

I am thinking... about my to-do list this week... it's a strange mix of medically related "tasks" (blood to draw, appointments to make) and holiday preparations... it's going to be a busy week.

I am thankful... for the turkey thawing in the frig. and a holiday devoted to thankfulness.

In the kitchen... I just found a recipe for white chicken enchiladas that sounds wonderful, I think it's on the menu for tonight.

I am going... to have to make yet another trip to the store today. I forgot to buy cheese when I did the month's shopping over the weekend. I have a craving for good Dubliner cheese, so I'll stop at Costco and pick some up... Yum!

I am wondering... if S will be here for Thanksgiving. She decided a few weeks ago to spend the day with her new foster family (now "host home providers" since she's transitioned into adult services) but as the holiday gets closer she seems to be changing her mind... Whatever she decides is fine with me, I don't blame her for wanting the spend the holiday someplace that feels a little more like "home", but I'll need to know soon so I can figure out how to get her here. (It was so much easier when she lived closer....) 

I am hoping... I can get M's CBC run through today. It's required, at least every 28 days (I usually do it every 14 days) for his main schizophrenia medication... His doc writes standing orders, good for a year, and I draw the blood for the CBC at home every two weeks. Because of a potentially fatal side effect, without a regular CBC the pharmacy can't fill his prescription. Unfortunately the standing orders expired 10 days ago, and despite my calls, emails, etc. the doc hasn't sent in new orders. I'm desperate enough (we're at day 26) that I'm going to draw the blood anyway, drop it at the hospital and hope they don't notice that the orders have expired. Keep your fingers crossed!

I am learning... a few tunes on the mando, I do love Turlough O'Carolan's tunes. 

Around the house... doing a little cleaning inside, and was happy it warmed up enough to get the chicken coop cleaned out too. 

One of my favorite things... the wood stove we recently had put in. I love the warmth it puts out, and how easy it is to use to keep the house warm... we should have done it years ago.

A few plans for the rest of the week... pin S down on her Thanksgiving plans, draw M's blood, hassle the doc (daily, at least...) about getting the standing orders sent in, make pies, make sure the turkey thaws, invite Mr G to Thanksgiving, squeeze in a uke lesson for R and a shift at the thrift store for M, make an appointment for M to see UCHSC spine doc he's been referred to; a surgeon.. shudder, shudder... (while waiting for his appointment at Comprehensive Spine Clinic), find out what E would like to bring to Thanksgiving.... 

A peek into my day...

This is my new friend, a fearless buck who's been hanging around eating the rotten pumpkins I tossed out by the pasture gate. He's so fearless I've walked within 6' of him (going from barn to house) and he doesn't even move... just looks at me and keeps eating. It's kind of cool and kind of scary... the antlers look really big and sharp from that close.



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SteveC said...

Another busy week planned as I assume there will be extra projects on the fly as well.

The buck looks cool. I'd be tempted to get close as well. I'd be careful though (I know you are) as majestic as they are, they're wild and unpredictable!