Tuesday, November 11, 2014

meet Maxwell

Otherwise known as Max...

He's our daughter K's dog, and has been staying with a friend of K's since she left for the Peace Corps. Unfortunately, the friend can't keep him any longer, so he'll be with us until K comes home.

So we're back up to three dogs, which always feels like too many... but Max is K's baby, so what could I do? Turn him away?  (Not likely) 

Max has only been here a few days, but is starting to settle in and learn how to be more of a country dog. Cody has taught him how to chase deer (only through the fence, of course) and he's incredibly confused by the chickens (birds bigger than he is!). He does LOVE the woodstove though, this is his favorite spot in the house. 

And I don't blame him. We're definitely in the deep freeze here... our high today was a record breaking 16 degrees! I'm sooooo glad we bought the wood stove... even with the bitter cold, it's keep the main part of the house at a comfortable 68-70 degrees. 

But I'm still tempted, like Max, to just curl up in front of the stove and wait for the cold spell to be over with!

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Renee Nefe said...

I'm with Max too! When I was a kid we would go over to my dad's friend's house for Super Bowl each year and I would just lay on the hearth and take a nap...it was heavenly!
I wish our gas fireplace tried to offer that kind of heat, but no luck. I should see if we ever got the pilot light lit on it yet.